Friday, May 15, 2009

Blackfoot Reservation Fishing Report

We've all heard of the MONSTER fish that the Blackfoot Reservation holds. So I thought I'd up date you on what is happening up north. It's not too late to catch the big fish in the shallows!

Joe Kipp of Morningstar Outfiitters filed this fishing report to

I will be fishing with Joe on Monday, so check back here to see how we do!

Fishing Report

Mission Lake
Fishing is slow but consistent. Water is good color and fish are +5 lb. This is Joe's recommendation for the best place to catch a monster. He also cautioned that you will get few hookups, but the ones you do hook into will be big.

Kipp Lake
Kipp is full for the first time in many years. The water is the color of tea. The bite is on with fish in shallows. The average fish here are in the 3-1/2 lb. range. This is also a place where you can hook into a monster.

Hidden, Dog Gun, Mittens and Four Horns Lakes
All fishing fair. The water quality is good with some fish in the shallows.

Duck Lake
Fishing is fair now with most fish still off the color change. Water quality (visibility) is the best of all the lakes and sight fishing should start in a few days.
The fish will be smaller than Kipp or Mission but the clarity of the water will allow for more fish to be caught.The average fish here are 2-1/2 lb. The biggest fish tend to "only" be in the 4-1/2 lb. range.

ONLY 4-1/2 lb. Really? What a bummer, huh!

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